3.0 What is done and what can potentially be done with serial killers?

Has the psychopath a mental disorder that needs treatment? Can a person with strong antisocial traits be treated at all? If so, we need to know more about current treatment methods. Or is it the case that psychopaths are incurable and should be imprisoned at the first opportunity? In other words: Mad or bad? Treatment or prison?

This part of the work is aimed at discussing the consequences there are for the individual that has committed crimes characterized as serial killings. There are mainly three sub-parts in relation to this. The first discussion is considering the actual legal consequences that there are for serial killing criminals, where there also will be some deeper reflections about their responsibility and freedom to choose in relation to their potential pathology. The next discussion will be concerned with the views there are upon giving psychological treatment to destructive criminal psychopaths.  As it is not usual to work therapeutic with serial killers, it is not a simple case to refer to experiences from, or research of therapy with serial killers. Literature is though occupied with “criminal psychopath”, and therefore this term will be frequently used when looking at the implications for therapy, as this term can be seen to include a serial killer.

The last discussion will be aimed at giving a suggestion to how psychological treatment of serial killers could be conducted, within a self psychological perspective.